Your Perfect Curriculum Vitae

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Although the interview is where you make your first impression, when sending out the CV you are painting an impression of yourself, so this aspect plays a large role in your career! Your CV will speak on behalf of you, so you need to make sure that is speaks volumes and just enough for you to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Listed below are a number of ways in which you can achieve this!


The way your CV looks is the main aspect. The cover page should create an impression, one that reflects who you are and what you are looking for. The colours, the font and the sizes of the font all matter greatly. So make sure the appearance of your CV is ideal before you give it out to call centre recruitment agencies.

Information over load

Make sure your CV doesn’t have too much of information in it, as this could be tiring and boring for the recruitment teams to read. Remember, all they need to know is whether or not you’re the ideal candidate for them with just a few glances at your CV; they are not ready to read 5 or 6 different paragraphs on your achievements. If you feel like your CV has too much of information that isn’t necessary, it’s time to make the cuts!

Editing based on job

The next step is to customize your CV. This sounds complicated, but depending on the job role and the company you are applying to, you might have to make a few changes to your CV in order to make it more appropriate. This has to be done, as there may be details you will have to include or remove! For instance, what is expected out of a skilled labour hire will be different to that of a modeling agency job, so you have to vary of the differences you have to make and make it before sending it out, don’t forget! Click here for more info on skilled labour hire Melbourne.

Important minor details

It’s all in the details! Therefore, you need to pay plenty of attention to all the little details in your CV to ensure it’s as perfect as it can be. Having followed the guidelines given above, you’ll probably not have anything to worry about. If the company asks you to send a picture along with your CV, make sure it’s one that was taken recently and one that looks professional. Pay enough attention to the minute details and you will not have much to worry about!These are a few of the many ways you can perfect you CV and stand out from the rest!